Engineering Services

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For over sixty years, Fulghum Industries has satisfied customers by turning various ideas and concepts of wood processing equipment and system designs into profitable reality. Fulghum Industries’ Engineering track record speaks for itself in providing the following services:

  • Concept and Proposal Layout, General Arrangement; Fabrication, and Erection Drawings
  • Equipment Design and Component Selection
  • Project Management
  • Equipment Manufacture and Procurement
  • Site Preparation and Permitting
  • Equipment Delivery and Shipping Logistics
  • Project Scheduling
  • Contractor and Sub-Contractor Management
  • Equipment and Complete System Installation
  • Machine and System Performance Testing

Fulghum Industries’ Engineering Department is where your vision meets our expertise. No matter the location, scale, or stage of the project, our Engineering and Sales Departments are prepared to assist you with every aspect. From communicating your ideas to investors, to project development, implementation and installation, we have the skilled personnel to ensure that all of your design needs are met.

Fulghum Industries deals in productivity. We aim to increase efficiency by offering guidance and insight. Our equipment and experience spans the globe, which means that Fulghum Industries is ready to aid you in the details of an idea or the creation of an entire mill. This experience in the industry translates to a well-versed and capable staff. Our Engineering, Project Management, and Operations Personnel work in concert with our Customer Service and Sales Department to ensure that your ideas will be efficiently transformed from a concept to a profitable reality.

Fulghum Industries assists customers in the development of layout drawings, project proposals, equipment specifications and providing the support services necessary throughout the complete project development and implementation process. Fulghum’s experienced staff consistently provides proven ability for successful completion of machine or whole project development while utilizing industry standard engineering and control systems with the civil, mechanical, and electrical expertise that is necessary.


Sales Fax: (478) 252-1507
David Stine Vice President of Engineering Ext. 238
Brandon Logan Engineering Manager Ext. 210
Chad McDowell Executive Vice President Ext. 227
Zachary Connor Sales Estimating Manager Ext. 281