Rosserhead Debarker

Fulghum’s mill-tested Rosserhead debarkers set the industry standard for profitable service. With three Fulghum models of varying lengths to choose from as well as an optional all-weather control cab, mill owners are assured year around trouble free operation with higher productivity than ever.

A Fulghum Rosserhead packs more debarking punch through its extra heavy steel fabrication and stronger motors. The head traverse, bullwheel rotation and kicker system are hydraulically powered by a 15 hp power pack. A powerful air cylinder raises and lowers the debarking head, precisely floating it over logs for near-perfect debarking performance.

Fulghum provides a variety of debarking heads and will recommend the best unit for your wood source. Fulghum field representatives can aid in assembling, complete checkout and startup of your Rosserhead installation.


Drum Debarker

As the original innovator of the full tree length drum debarker, Fulghum debarking systems are optimizing woodyard operations throughout the forest products industry. The outstanding performance of Fulghum systems is recognized in many parts of the world in a variety of roles.

These debarking systems are supporting pulping operations providing fiber for a lengthy product line including fine paper, kraft, newsprint and linerboard.

Fulghum debarkers are at work in medium density fiberboard (MDF) and oriented strand board (OSB) plants. Custom designed systems process treelength, shortwood and random wood stems.

Appropriately sized and configured, these systems readily meet or exceed bark content specifications - to less than .5%.