Fulghum Supplies four 170′, 45-Ton Log Cranes

Fulghum Industries, Inc. has recently completed installation of four (4) 170’, 45-Ton Log Handling cranes. Two of the log cranes are in use in North Carolina and the other two are in use in South Carolina. Fulghum Industries has been serving the forest products industry since 1956, engineering and fabricating the equipment needed to handle, debark, chip, and process all types of hardwood and softwood. These two log handling cranes below have been purchased by the leader in the chip producer industry and was selected for its size, durability and reliability. With their combined storage capacity, the two cranes will be able to unload trucks, store logs and feed the mills over 1,000,000+ tons of logs each per year. Add that storage capacity to the inherent ruggedness of Fulghum Industries’ equipment, and each mill will have a pair of log handling cranes that will operate efficiently and consistently, without the hassle of unscheduled maintenance and unnecessary repairs. The pulp & paper, lumber and panel board industries are booming parts of the global economy and Fulghum Industries is available to supply the material handling equipment and expertise needed to excel in such competitive markets.


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