Fulghum Industries Introduces Newly Designed Log Crane

Fulghum Industries, Inc., a Georgia-based manufacturing company has recently debuted a new design of its 87’ log handling crane. This redesign came in response to the needs of the ever-growing sawmill industry. This particular crane is being utilized at a sawmill in South Carolina. Fulghum Industries has been active in the forest products industry for over half a decade, engineering and fabricating the equipment needed to handle, debark, chip, and process all types of hard and softwood. To meet the ever surging demands of the lumber industry, the crane was redesigned to be stronger, faster, cleaner and more efficient than its predecessors.

This evolution is due, in no small part, to Fulghum’s engineers who outfitted the crane with all electric drives, a more robust frame, and a larger grapple. With electric drives replacing the original hydraulic drives, the crane gains the advantage of faster grapple and swing speeds and alleviates the environmental issues associated with hydraulic drives. The more robust frame and larger grapple means the crane’s gross lifting capacity has increased from 16.25 tons to 20 tons. With the greater maneuverability and upgraded lifting capacity, the crane is capable of quicker truck turnaround times than any other Fulghum 87’ crane. The combination of fast truck turnaround and the inherent resilience of Fulghum Industries equipment coupled with proper preventative maintenance means that the crane will be able to function efficiently at 98% up-time. The biofuel and lumber industries are a booming part of the global economy, and Fulghum Industries is available to supply the equipment and expertise needed to excel in such a competitive market.

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