Newly – Installed, 170 Foot 25-Ton Log Crane for Biewer Lumber in Newton, MS.

Fulghum Industries, Inc. of Wadley, Ga. recently manufactured and installed their improved 170 Foot Variable Radius 25-Ton Two-Bite Electric Log Crane at the Biewer Lumber Mill in Newton, Mississippi. Biewer Lumber has expanded its state-of-the-art sawmill in Newton, MS. and is expected to increase mill production by more than 100 million board feet per year. The corporate investment for this updated facility is projected to result in over 30 new jobs and includes an expanded Wood Yard, a third Continuous Kiln, a Stacker and a third Strapper; all designed to support the addition of a second Saw Line.

This newly installed crane is the 166th that Fulghum has produced and offers a new improved crane cab with exceptional operator visibility and additional floor space. The Fulghum crane is built in accordance with the Crane Manufacturer’s Association of America (CMAA) Class “F” rating in terms of load class and load cycles. The Fulghum crane is capable of handling loads approaching the rated capacity continuously under severe service conditions throughout its life. Fulghum is steadily developing ways of evolving with the constant changing needs of the forest products market, by paying attention to detail, quality and innovations in technology.

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