Weyerhaeuser Buys Fulghum’s First 175′ 45-Ton EVR Log Crane

Fulghum is pleased to announce the addition of a larger crane to the lineup. The 175’ 45-ton EVR (electric variable radius) log crane was purchased by Weyerhaeuser for their modernization project at their existing mill located in Holden, Louisiana. The crane installation began in March, and startup is expected by early June.

This will be Fulghum Industries' first new style 175’ 45-ton EVR log crane. The newly designed 175' has many new features to enhance operation, such as PLC control enhancement, heat tracing, ergonomic operator cab, and a convenient incinerating toilet. Additionally, the crane has a self-contained 60 square foot and 360̊ rotation grapple that has a gross lifting capacity of 45-tons, which increases the production rate and truck turnaround time.

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